Marking the Marketers. Anfi poster: C minus

Anfi ad - smaller

Image from my phone is a little blury, see here for a crisper image from Anfi’s website.

Introducing a new feature here at Ideas Of A Marketplace:

Marking The Marketers

We start with this poster from Picadilly train Station in Manchester (click to embiggen).

The idea here seems pretty straightforward: Someone at Anfi managed to swing a deal with football star David Silva, he plays for Manchester City, so that makes him a local celebrity, and they thought they’d have a nice casual invitation from him to come visit the resort.

The good:

  • Shows a beach to rushed commuters
  • Has enough star power to demand people’s attention
  • Speaks directly to you, asking you in.

The bad:

Everything else, pretty much.

  • Lame photoshop. He doesn’t look remotely like he’s been anywhere near that beach.
  • What does the caption mean by “my” beach? It turns out that he was born right around the corner from there, but you have to go brave more bad photos in Anfi’s news releases to find this out, the poster gives you no idea. That might have been an authentic touch guys.
  • Inane expression on his face. It looks like they dragged a regular guy off the street, pointed lights and a camera at him and said “smile” and then “point behind you” and then “c’mon, we’ll give you money.” It’s the exact expression you find in every collection of holiday snaps you were ever forced to look at by every over-excited friend you wished you didn’t have any more.
  • The beach is dominated with a large ugly concrete building (if they wanted it to look tropical, they could have made it look properly tropical. If they wanted it to look like a social resort they could have made it look social). File this one under “really need to hire a photographer”. Yes, Anfi, I know you can buy a nice digital SLR for cheap these days, and your promo manager knows how to push the “shoot” button, but there’s more to it than that. Cross file under “figure out why you think people should want to come.”
  • Assumes that you know that Anfi is a resort. Just from the ad you have no idea if they’re an obscure tour operator or an airline or a hotel booking agency, anything. I had to google it, but I grew up in North America. You better hope Anfi did their homework on their name recognition rates in England before putting this up. Based on the above I’m not too confident.

All in all a poor effort, but you can see the core of a reasonable idea that just needed more work. These are supposed to be professionals, so I’m calling that a C-.

Update: The more I think about it, the more I think it went down like this:

His mom says: “come on David, do the local resort a solid. Your poor uncle works there.”

So a small resort finds itself with a star on its hands but not knowing what to do next. They look at each other and someone says: “He plays in Manchester, I guess we should put an ad there. Does anyone know how to use photoshop?”


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