Word coinage of the day: zomguilt

Non-marketing weekend blogging:

We need a word for that moment when your brain refuses to accept the reasonable and convincing proof that you did not actually just do something wrong. My suggestion for your sense of guilt’s cursed lurching on, despite a well-deserved bullet to the head: zomguilt.

As in:

I had a few minutes of zomguilt this morning when I heard the recycling truck rumbling by, and couldn’t quite shake the urge to leap out of bed and rush our bottles (and myself) to the curb, ZOMG, just in case it comes around again – even after remembering that I definitely did put the bins out last night.

Survivor’s guilt is an extreme version of this.

Contrast: sneaking guilt, which is the first dawning of realisation that you did, in fact, screw up, and wriggling on the hook, which is an attempt to rationalise away that what you did wasn’t sooo very bad.


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