My Tindr prediction? Vindicated. It’s about removing the barriers, stupid.

As I predicted, the dating application Tindr is really taking off. A UCL expert comes up with a lot of psychosocietal reasons as to why, but my explanation is simpler and (IMHO) better.

It’s the same reason almost everyone owns a car: It takes something people REALLY want to do (i.e., dating; getting places), and reduces the biggest barriers that get in their way (i.e., fear of rejection after publicly declaring an interest; weather, time, and effort). That’s a magic recipe right there.


How we buy perfume: The (illustrated) wisdom of Boots

Here are of adjacent shelves of perfumes / colognes at Boots. Hidden in plain sight: The key to how people buy them.

Can you spot it?

perfume pop - SMALL perfume regular - SMALL

Free hint:
On the left there is: “The Key” by Justin Bieber, “Justin Bieber’s girlfriend”,”Our Moment” by One Direction, “Nude” and “Reb’l Fleur” by Rhianna, “Eden”, and “Amor Amor: Forbidden Kiss” (all for about £20-30).

The one on the right launches alphabetically off with DKNY and Diesel (about £40-50).

So one section is aimed at teens and tweens, the other is aimed at grown ups. But what’s the big difference between how they are SOLD?

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