My Tindr prediction? Vindicated. It’s about removing the barriers, stupid.

As I predicted, the dating application Tindr is really taking off. A UCL expert comes up with a lot of psychosocietal reasons as to why, but my explanation is simpler and (IMHO) better.

It’s the same reason almost everyone owns a car: It takes something people REALLY want to do (i.e., dating; getting places), and reduces the biggest barriers that get in their way (i.e., fear of rejection after publicly declaring an interest; weather, time, and effort). That’s a magic recipe right there.


2 thoughts on “My Tindr prediction? Vindicated. It’s about removing the barriers, stupid.

  1. “It’s the same reason almost everyone owns a car” – which is the reason, that once everyone in, say, a place like London, reproduces and start to care about the quality of their environment for children… becomes a Class-A hypocrite-fuckwit if they insist upon driving more than absolutely necessary (which by God, they do). Pollution is offensively-high here. Noise and air. Congestion, too. But everyone wants the God-given right to drive! Without taking responsibility (as adult humans must) for the consequences of their actions. In the photo at the top of the page (Lake District, Wales, or Scotland?) the people living there NEED a car. I know from experience. People living in cities don’t NEED a car anywhere near as much. Yet they insist upon it. Greed, not need. ‘Need’ being relative, too. But when it causes mass-consequences ontoothers and the collective humanity in one’s home region, it matters to NOT be greedy and focus on need instead. Not even for sheep-like morality reasons, but for practicality reasons, like health.
    Until we (re-) learn that our actions have COLLECTIVE consequences, we will be played by those who understand these facts of life only too well. Yet have no ethical qualms about manipulating us. Look at the current Tory government – how did they get in? By playing people who are too damned ignorant about how the world works, and too lazy to ‘follow the money’ and work-out who their true enemies are. That’s tantamount to letting oneself BE one’s own worst enemy – because if you don’t even know yourself (individually, but also collectively-speaking, now…) then you cannot know who your true enemy is, can you? What if your self-tolerance of negative traits like short-attention-spans, over-tolerance-of-stress, narcissism, failure-to-delay-gratification, convenience-addiction, addiction-in-general, and the rest – was the real enemy? Assuming this to be at least somewhat true, then how can technologies and cultural traits that exacerbate these negativities, be any kind of solution? Like car-driving is a superficial solution to getting around a city, but once the congestion mounts, it becomes HELL. Unless we COLLECTIVELY plan to succeed and work together to use technology in our COLLECTIVE best-interest, not selfishly ignore the wider picture, yet suffer individually AND collectively due to our ignorance. Like when public transport systems are not planned well enough to be a good alternative to car travel (although in London, they usually are anyway). Yet people put their energies into individually-adapting, by stressing behind the wheel, driving aggressively, spending longer hours travelling, but never saying: “Hey, I have the power to change this whole paradigm, if only I get my head out of my blinkered arse, and work TOGETHER with others, to plan-to-win, rather than compete-with-to-the-point-of-ignorance, and ending-up planning, and controlling NOTHING, whilst this ignorance is an entry point for manipulation by the powers-that-be who profit from, say, taxpayer-subsidised railways, or roadworks that repair the road too poorly, so they get repeat business quicker, etc etc”. OK, that’s not very catchy a concept, but it’s real, can be quantified and ignore it at your peril.
    Capitalism deludes us into thinking the collective doesn’t exist. That’s how it works. Slavery works best that way – never let the slaves realise they have the power to change the paradigm.
    But sure, over-simplify things, just like you rely on alcohol, not out of commitment to intelligence and logic, or even integrity – but commitment to FEELINGS OVER ALL ELSE. Faced with an unfeeling, brutal bloc of powers-that-be, that is a recipe for disaster, in the long-term… So plan to succeed (collectively), not plan to fail. The choice is yours. Tinder and the like, gives some real choice, but is perhaps more about the illusion of POWER. It is far from the only example out there, and I think what I mention above about subconscious slavery is what makes these tools so attractive.After all, deluding people is Capitalism’s game: so the illusion of power and choice (or a mixture of real power and choice with lots of illusion as to what % of one’s existence and waking hours that represents) – what better way to keep the slaves from rebelling?

  2. Well yes, possibly. Or maybe people just really want to find other people to date, and this is the path of least resistance.

    BTW, yes, pic is of Scotland, well done. It’s the Isle of Arran.

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