False advertising

A delicious sandwich, with yummy pastrami and emmental cheese, piled high on farmhouse rye.  Not your average sandwich, this. It’s a premium! Taste the difference! For an accordingly premium price!

Oh Sainsbury’s, what are you tempting me into?


Let’s open this bad boy up, and brace ourselves for gustatory nirvana…




This is it?

A few shreds of meat piled up on one side to make it look like a big pile through the little window on the box, half a slice of cheese, and a few scraps of salad. But at least they were generous with the mustard. Premium!

This is something you can pull off once per customer. Twice if the mark is forgetful. But even if you do get away with burning someone twice, it’s at the expense of having them rehearse a memory of how untrustworthy you are.

It’s the sort of thing you normally see at tourist spots where shops can pretty much count on never seeing the same customer twice, no matter what they do. Not so much at supermarkets that build everything on the back of repeat business.


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